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About us

In 1989 The Royal Dutch company "Begemann" and production amalgamation "Stromoborudovanie" founded a joint venture called "Bestrom", a combined abbreviation of two names.

"Bestrom" was founded for development and production of packaging machines corresponding to best world samples in quality and technical performance. The first machine was produced in 1991 under the license of the Dutch company UVA. The parts and components for this machine were made at "Bestrom". And "Bestrom" workers assembled the first machine in Holland under the supervision of Dutch specialists.

Afterwards "Bestrom" started to produce machines not only under the license but also automatic and semi-automatic machines of its own design. Now it produces a complete spectrum of vertical packaging machines starting from machines for companies, which start business and finishing with industrial automatic machines capable of packing dozens of tons of product per day.

Presently, Bestrom produces and sells the following equipment:

  • Vertical packaging machines for different kinds of granular and powder products, including dusty products into heat sealing film (polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates and paper). A list of packed products: tea, coffee, cereals, sugar, nuts, sweets, pasta, flour, milk powder, mayonnaise, spices, frozen vegetables, dumplings, detergents, salt, sunflower seeds, chips, dried fruits, mineral and organic fertilizers and others.
  • Packaging machines for dry goods into ready paper bags for grocery products.
  • Horizontal packaging machines for single products, such as bread, chocolate bars, waffles, ice-cream, bandage, cotton wool, soap bars, foam rubber sponge and others.
  • Group packing machines for automatic group into shrink film.
  • Machines for making flat top bags and flat bottom bags like square bag.
  • Linear weighers, combination weighers, auger fillers, cup fillers, belt fillers (for grounds)
  • Additional equipment - loading elevators, discharge conveyors, vibration hoppers, storage rotary tables, machines for inserting of zip-lock, clipping machines, labeling machines and others.
  • Machines for blowing air into ready-made bags, dough flattering rollers, machines for making candles and others.

A wide variety of equipment, exclusive customer designs, flexible pricing allow us to meet the requirements of our clients.

Bestrom machines are made up of component parts produced by the leading western companies: the latest in electronic and control from Siemens (Germany), Omron (Japan), reliable pneumatics from Festo (Austria), wear resistant and highly precise servo drives from Rexroth Bosch Group, Siemens (Germany).

Bestrom service engineers constantly upgrade their skills be undergoing training in Holland and Germany.

Production workshops are equipped with up-to-date metal working equipment and design-engineers apply the latest design systems, which help to reach high quality of product.

At this moment 120 people work at Bestrom. Every person is a unique specialist in his field. A team spirit and openness, respect and confidence, a common desire to extend the occupied niche help us to develop new up-to-date models of packaging equipment and modernize the existing machines.

The main thing which we lay stress on is the quality of our machines.

The specialty of Bestrom packaging machines is:

   1.jpg High performance, quality and reliability
   2.jpg Simplicity of operation and maintenance
   3.jpg A possibility for non-stop operation in around-the-clock mode
   4.jpg Efficient technical support and maintenance service 
   5.jpg High productivity
   6.jpg High accuracy of dosing
   7.jpg Application of components of leading international producers
   8.jpg Quick-setup capability

All the equipment meets the requirement of technical regulations of the Customs Union.

TPTC 004/2011 On safety of low-voltage equipment

TPTC 005/2011 On safety of packing

TPTC 010/2011 On safety of machinery and equipment

TPTC 020/2011 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical facilities

The equipment of the Bestrom company meets the requirements of European directives and machines safety standards (CE marking).

"Bestrom" partners are such well-know companies as:

  • Rot Front, Moscow packing sweets
  • Krasny Oktyabr, Moscow packing sweets
  • Odintsovskaya Confectionary Plant ("Korkunov"), Moscow Region packing sweets
  • Maisky Tchai, Moscow packing tea
  • Russky Product, Moscow - Chips, bake mix
  • Meridian Plus, Moscow packing nuts, baked breads
  • Moscovskaya Orekhovaya Kompaniya, Moscow packing nuts, dried fruits
  • Agro Alyans ,St-Petesburg packing grains
  • Sudsuker, Moldova packing sugar
  • Arimex, Lithuania packing nuts, dried fruits
  • Russky Sakhar, Tambov Region packing sugar
  • Angstrem, St-Petesburg packing grains
  • Sosnovsky Kombinat Khleboproduktov (MAKFA), Chelyabinsk Region. packing grains
  • Agrana, Bosnia and Herzegovina packing sugar

We deliver our equipment to all regions in Russia, the CIS and to Western Europe.